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Expressive Brush Recreation In Dementia Care

 Introducing Project Packs

Packs include everything you need for art/horticultural projects, suitable for Creatives of all ages. 
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Art is one of the first languages we learn, and one of the last we lose.

Through my business, The Expressive Brush, I have been providing  Art based programming in long term care, since 2011. We create experiences for our residents that are timely, and meaningful, while focusing on sensory, cognitive and physical enhancement.
Use the contact forms if you want to inquire about programs , I promise I'll get back to you quickly!

I am a professional artist, I paint, teach, and help other artists to pursue their dreams.
I show my work at The Art Emporium in Port Stanley where I am also on the board of directors, and at various other galleries, venues, and guilds in the Elgin/Middlesex area.

For the most up to date view of my work please visit @robinbarattaartist on instagram and FaceBook.

Project Packs

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