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Monday, December 12, 2022

The Road To Moore's


Road To Moore's

Moore's Aquatic Nursery has been serving water gardeners in our area since 1912. 
The tree lined lane feels like a forest drive, shady and cool in the summer, colourful and peaceful in autumn.



Row On Row the crops grow. Fields dip and roll.
 Intermittent stream beds break the expanse,
 stretch into the distance and offer passage for the wildlings, to distant green oasis.

12x12, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang
thank you Westland Gallery 


Lost Lane


Lost Lane 

A relic of the age of the family farm, Lost Lanes still bisect the landscape leading to ghosts, memories of the way life was in a simpler time.
 glazed acrylic, 12x12, SOLD
Thank You  Westland Gallery 

Summer Splendor


Summer Splendor

glazed acrylic, 16x12, gallery depth (1.5 "), on cradled wooden panel , ready to hang

Summer at it's fullest, these last lazy dog days are a treasure, enjoy them.
 The harvest is ready to come in and soon the fields will be a hive of activity.