plus commissions

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Gate

The Gate, 8x10, Glazed Acrylic SOLD

Sea Grass

Sea Grass 8x10, Glazed Acrylic SOLD

Fields Of Purple and Gold

Fields Of Purple and Gold 12x12, glazed acrylic, SOLD

Assorted Minis

Berm Tree's, Hurricane Survivor, Three From The Beach, all 4x4, Glazed Acrylic

Berm trees-top left SOLD

Hurricane Survivor-top right SOLD

Three From The Beach-bottom SOLD

Pears N Squares

pear, painting
Pears-n-Squares, Acrylic, Mixed Media Collage 6x15,


Poppy Buzz

Poppy Buzz, Mixed Media SOLD

Port Stanley Nocturne

Port Stanley Nocturn, 8x10, acrylic SOLD

Sculpted By Wind

Sculpted by Wind, 8x10, Glazed Acrylic,


In The Marsh

In The Marsh, 8x10, glazed acrylic,



Tree, 6x6, glazed Acrylic, SOLD