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Monday, December 12, 2022

The Road To Moore's


Road To Moore's

Moore's Aquatic Nursery has been serving water gardeners in our area since 1912. 
The tree lined lane feels like a forest drive, shady and cool in the summer, colourful and peaceful in autumn.



Row On Row the crops grow. Fields dip and roll.
 Intermittent stream beds break the expanse,
 stretch into the distance and offer passage for the wildlings, to distant green oasis.

12x12, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang
thank you Westland Gallery 


Lost Lane


Lost Lane 

A relic of the age of the family farm, Lost Lanes still bisect the landscape leading to ghosts, memories of the way life was in a simpler time.
 glazed acrylic, 12x12, SOLD
Thank You  Westland Gallery 

Summer Splendor


Summer Splendor

glazed acrylic, 16x12, gallery depth (1.5 "), on cradled wooden panel , ready to hang

Summer at it's fullest, these last lazy dog days are a treasure, enjoy them.
 The harvest is ready to come in and soon the fields will be a hive of activity.


Friday, November 18, 2022



Junction: A place of meeting or joining. Once, all was forest, then came the colonizers, who took down much of the forest. Pockets remain, and as it is the will of nature to grow and also to colonize, the junctions where field and forest meet are the site of a subtle battle.

 6x6, glazed acrylic, not available

 STart art draw prize

Donnybrook Island

Donnybrook Island

Pockets of life, islands of diversity, home to many, safe haven.
 6x6, glazed acrylic, 
sold at STart show, thank you


Elgin Spring


Elgin Spring

The lushness of Spring, life bursts forth fresh and new. 

6x6, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden board, ready to hang
sold at STart show, thank you




There was a time, when life moved at a slower pace, in rhythm with the seasons. Posts were for stringing fence lines, not online. Was life better then? or is that just a romantic notion.  I'll leave it to you to decide.  

 8x8, glazed acrylic.
sold at STart show, thank you

Rainbow Rocks


Rainbow Rocks

Pink granite, blue shale, and every shade between, the Canadian shield scraped clean by glaciers, and some of the oldest rocks on Earth.

12x12, glazed acrylic, sold at STart Show, thank you!

Friday, October 28, 2022

A Seat In The Sun


Seat In The Sun,  Glazed Acrylic, on cradled wooden panel
SOLD thank you Art Emporium Port Stanley
On a crisp autumn day a seat in the sun, is the most coveted  in the park.

Kettle Valley


Kettle Valley
We walk with our extra large pup, along the Kettle Creek almost daily, unless there's a monsoon and the valley becomes a lake. This is the view from the crest of the hill, just before the trail head. It's our happy place.
 12x16, glazed acrylic, $240.00
SOLD Thank you Art Emporium


Gibbons Gate
The path into Gibbons Park, beckons you to follow a trail to the Thames valley, a wonderland at the heart of a city.
6x6, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden board, ready to hang
SOLD thank you Art With Panache 


Friday, June 24, 2022

Green On Green


Green on Green, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden board, ready to hang, 12x12,
Sold thank you Art Emporium Port Stanley:


9x12 glazed Acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang

Donated to Red Cross Ukrainian relief fund

After The Storm


After The Storm, 18x24. Glazed Acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang
Collection of Em B

Take The Long View


Take The Long View
4x4, glazed acrylic

Thank you Art Emporium Port Stanley

Roads Edge


Roads Edge
8x8, glazed acrylic, on cradled board, ready to hang

 As you stop where the back roads intersect with the old highway, the vista of rolling land is punctuated with road signs becoming  one with the landscape. 
Sold at PSAG 22

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Washed Up


 Glazed Acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang
Sold at Art Emporium Port Stanley: contact

This driftwood, greeted us each year on Hunting Island beach, until Hurricanes Mathew, and  Rita devastated the island, washing away much of the beach and most of the 'boneyard' trees. 
I'm very glad that I sketched and subsequently painted it, before it disappeared.

Going Around The Bend


 Fresh off the easel, Going Around The Bend. 12x12 glazed acrylic.

Country Roads weave their way through the fields and bush. Game trails to buggy tracks to vehicle traffic the surface changes, but the wandering ways remain, permanently connecting us to the past.