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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Washed Up


 Glazed Acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang
Sold at Art Emporium Port Stanley: contact

This driftwood, greeted us each year on Hunting Island beach, until Hurricanes Mathew, and  Rita devastated the island, washing away much of the beach and most of the 'boneyard' trees. 
I'm very glad that I sketched and subsequently painted it, before it disappeared.

Going Around The Bend


 Fresh off the easel, Going Around The Bend. 12x12 glazed acrylic.

Country Roads weave their way through the fields and bush. Game trails to buggy tracks to vehicle traffic the surface changes, but the wandering ways remain, permanently connecting us to the past.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Green on Green


Green on Green, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden board, ready to hang, 12x12,
$144.00, sold at Art Emporium Port Stanley:

The Thicket I Winter


The Thicket In Winter
Glazed Acrylic, on cradled wooden panel ready to hang
9"x12" CDN $170.00
SOLD at Art Emporium Port Stanley: contact
Late in the winter the bare branches of the Staghorn Sumac shows the genesis of it's name.  Intertwined they create a lace in basic black.

On The fence

On The Fence
4x4, glazed acrylic
Sold at Art Emporium Port Stanley: contact


Where The Sidewalk Ends

                                                         Where The Sidewalk Ends

This quite literally is where the sidewalk ends on our morning walk. The end of the street is still a field with a view, but not for long, subdivisions are fast gobbling up the surrounding lands.
12x12, glazed acrylic, on cradled wooden panel, ready to hang.

Posted Too


Posted Too, 
Oh how I love this view, it never gets old, no matter the season.
12x12, glazed acrylic, mounted on cradled wood panel, ready to hang